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Island Farm Foods


Organic farming in Ireland is regulated by standards requiring the highest level of respect for the environment.  We in Island Farm Foods are members of the Organic Trust. We are subject to rigorous testing,regulations and procedures and a stringent annual inspection process. This allows us to receive a licence from one of the organic bodies (Organic Trust in our case) to sell our produce as organic.

Organic farming uses sustainable natural methods of food production and embodies the respectful use of the countryside and concern for animal welfare. There is no use of artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays allowed on the land. The welfare of animals is central to strict organic principles where animals are treated with respect.

At Island Farm Foods this means:

  • No routine use of drugs
  • No genetically modified (GM) feed, growth hormones, growth regulators or livestock feed additives
  • Minimised stress in transport and slaughter with a low carbon footprint.

Organic farming is a holistic method of agriculture which avoids the use of man-made fertilisers and chemicals.. Through a positive extensive management approach to health and welfare, farmers aim to prevent disease from occurring on the farm. If disease does occur, then organic farmers are encouraged to use natural and complementary therapies. If these are not appropriate then in the interest of animal welfare medicines, including antibiotics, may be used as a last resort. If medicine or antibiotics are used the withdrawal time is tripled and if treatment is used for a second time the product (meat or milk) is withdrawn and cannot be sold as organic.

When you buy organic produce from Island Farm foods you can be confident your money will remain local, supporting local employment and boosting our rural economy.

At Island Farm Foods we start lambing end of March till end of April all going well. Our selling season of new season lamb is from end of August to mid January depending on the year.  Please check out our stock levels for availability. We run a back-order list on a first come first served basis, thereafter we carry a stock of pre-cut lambs in our freezer selection.

Delivery will be made to the address specified by you on the completed order form. This must include an Email address, mobile phone number and most importantly an Eircode. Orders will not be accepted without an Eircode and mobile telephone number.  We deliver next day nationwide (closed Sunday, Monday) via DPD Next day delivery nationwide is €15.00.

For small cuts of beef or lamb or juice under 5 kg which is to be used within 5/7 days we use Fastway at €9.00.
For whole lamb the delivery charge is €20.00 or collection is free per above.

Free Options: Pick up from Island Farm HQ (R35EF29) is free as is Tullamore +/- 15km on a Thursday.

Whilst we make every effort to deliver your goods at the agreed time, we will not be liable if we fail to do so due to circumstances beyond our control. We deliver our meat in cooler boxes packed with ice which ensures the meat remains frozen until it gets to your door. The products are perishable, the delivery carton is specifically tested to keep the goods under 3C for 24 hours under ambient temperature. The goods should be removed from the carton on delivery and placed either in the refrigerator or freezer.

The meat is cut as per the product description, individually labelled into exact cuts and steaks are vacuum packed bar T-Bone to guarantee freshness. There also is a unique QR code on each individual cut of meat that will link you to relevant recipes here on our website that we have chosen for that cut of meat. Only the best!

A half lamb takes up less than 1 drawer in a standard upright 3 drawer freezer, and a whole lamb takes up about 1.5/2 drawers in the same style freezer depending on animal weight.

The “Naked” range includes traditional jams, jellies, rich and spicy chutneys and tangy sauces. When we say “Naked” on our farm we mean any product that uses our certified organic ingredients with a mix of non-organic ingredients. Each label clearly says what fruits or vegetables are grown on our farm. Our Naked burger selection is 100% Organic Hereford meat but with 2% non organic ingredients.

Safe Social Distancing Shopping

Place your order online and pick your preferred method either collection at Island Farm HQ or free local delivery. Make sure your Eircode is correct.  We will allocate a time slot for pick up of your completed order or give you an estimate of when your order will be delivered.

For Shop Pick UP’s
We will allocate a time slot for pick up via phone or text of your complete order.
When you arrive park up (we have ample parking)- Beep your car horn a few times if the shop is empty.
There is no need to leave your car. Pop open your boot.  We will drop your shopping into it. If paying by cash leave the envelope in your boot. Your shopping is now complete.

For Delivery’s
We will deliver to your agreed location and time within a 15km radius of Tullamore.
We will drop your order at your door and ring your bell and walk away.  If paying by cash take your order in and leave the money at the door in either an envelope or container.